New to the voiceover world or just starting out? We can help you get going and train you all the way up to expert-level with free advice, training courses, workshops, free resources, professional mentoring, social events and more!


You’re midway through your voiceover career. You’ve had training, and some experience. We can help you move your career forward with free resources, forums, advice, workshops and training to reach an Advanced level


Expert-level Voiceover Artists may not need more training, so let us help you manage your voiceover business, meet new clients, expand your social media profile and better your online presence & client marketing..


From Beginners, to Intermediate and right the way up to Advanced level, we run professional voiceover training courses covering all the aspects of the voiceover industry there are. If we don’t have it, you don’t need it!

What Our Customers Say

Vivienne Pettitt voiceover Testimonial

“…Its the best course I have ever done. I used the breathing techniques you taught in a voiceover narration job I did yesterday. So much easier to do VOs now. Thank you so much for providing such fantastic courses that are reasonable and the best in my opinion.”

Chet Khim

voiceover testimonial anthony rudd

“I would highly recommend Gravy for the Brain, not just to voiceover newbies, but also for anyone who, like me, has experience within the industry and wants to push themselves to the next level. I can’t recommend these guys enough. Who else would you trust?!

Anthony Rudd

“Really enjoyed the course. Liked being able to connect whenever I had the time. The course was concise and to the point. Loved the personable approach – not too stiff or formal. Really well put together… Thank you! I will definitely be doing another. Got the bug now :)”

Vivienne Petitt


The Elite Voiceover Mentoring Program is a personal, one-to-one mentoring service guiding you through your voiceover career, giving direct advice on your own personal skills, abilities and where to improve, as well as mentoring on your career, marketing and casting opportunities.

Voiceover Webinars

 Gravy For The Brain run regular webinars focusing on specific Voiceover topics. You can join them one-by-one, or attend an entire set. Best of all, our webinars are available globally, to Voiceover Artists of all levels.

Whether you attend our webinars live, allowing you to participate, ask questions and become personally involved, or watch recorded versions after the event, our webinars give in-depth, professional information not found elsewhere

We run the world’s best training workshops in
prestigious venues across the UK and USA.
Get face-to-face tuition and professional advice
with our studio-based


Social Events

Socialise & Network

 Our social events across the country are a perfect way to meet, network and socialise with other Voiceover Artists and industry professionals

Learn New Things

 At each social event there are two specific seminars on key topics in today’s Voiceover industry, from key industry players

Choose Your Level

Different Voiceover Artists are at different skill-levels, so we provide different social events for beginners, intermediate and advanced VO’s


Online courses are the future of training and education. To prove this, we offer a completely free range of Voiceover Mini-Courses, some taken from our full online courses and some bespoke in their own right.

Online training enables you to practice without embarrassment in the comfort of your own home, allows you to train at your own pace to fit in with your busy lifestyle.