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7 reviews for GFTB Membership

  1. Renee Shatanoff

    Thank you for allowing me to share my story. For several years I was told, “you have a good voice. Have you thought about recording voice overs?” I didn’t seriously think about voice overs until this year. The work appeared “easy” and I thought, “why not try it?” I had been reading educational text books out loud, I’ve been a member of Toastmasters, and I work in the business of verbal communication. Needless to say, I auditioned and auditioned and auditioned but I wasn’t hired. I needed to know why. It turns out, voice over work is a SKILL. I made the erroneous assumption that since I was a speaker, I could transfer my speaking skills to voice over work. I was wrong! I knew I needed specialized training and I found it with Gravy for the Brain. Hugh and Peter are professionals working in the industry as a casting director and voice over talent. As a member of The Elite Voice Over Mentoring Forum, I submit recordings and receive detailed, honest, and thorough critique of my work. I have improved exponentially since I began less than a month ago. I know how to use my voice, where my voice works best, how to read the brief/copy correctly, proper phrasing, inflection, and flow.
    Thank you GFTB!

  2. Harry Davies

    Derrick C. Hannah (verified owner)


    I am a member of Gravy For The Brain and the information I have received from their classes have definitely helped me hone my craft in voice over acting to one day becoming a full time Voice Over professional. Hugh, and Peter have provided me with great critiques of performances I upload each one showing positive progression in style, technique, performance and audio quality deliverance to the hiring company. It truly is an honor and a privileged to learn from individuals who not only have carved out a path for themselves in the voice over industry but individuals who truly care about teaching and helping others achieve the same success they have achieved.


    Derrick C. Hannah

  3. Stanley Hanson

    I hope to learn as much as you have provided on this subject.

  4. Stanhan68

    Stanhan68 (verified owner)

    So far what I have been able to view on your site is fantastic. As soon as you straighten out the problem of logging in that I keep experiencing, I’m sure I could leave more comments.

    • Hugh Edwards

      Hugh Edwards

      Hello! Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Send a Contact Us message or use the little intercom button bottom-right and we will try and help! 🙂

  5. Vivian

    Hello. Your website seems so nice!

  6. nitalouise

    nitalouise (verified owner)

    A Good Deal

  7. Russell Shaw

    I’m wanting to join as a full member, but i’m unable to use my discount code

    LOVEGRAVY19. Can you explain why?

    regards, Russ

    • Hugh Edwards

      Hugh Edwards

      Hey Russell – please contact Support. 🙂

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