How To Voice Audiobooks Course


A complete guide to the techniques used in audiobook recording. This course gives you everything you need to build a successful career in this unique area of voiceover.


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A Library of Opportunity

As the audiobook industry grows it’s almost impossible for to ignore the amount of opportunities that this sector of voiceover can bring. But voicing audiobooks is a completely different ball game to most other VO work!

At the base of it, voicing audiobooks shares some of the fundamentals of other VO but the way to prepare a book for the studio, the industry etiquette and the challenges that come with such an extended read, are unique to the world of audiobooks.

Through the 19 modules of this course, you will learn all you need to know to become a great narrator and develop a strong audiobook career. From the essential fundamentals to insider tips and tricks and priceless advice on working successfully in the industry.

Presented by a True Expert

This course is taught by world-class audiobook narrator Peter Kenny.

Following a chance meeting on a tube with Matthew Walters, a producer he had worked with at the BBC, Peter started recording unabridged audio books as a reader for the charity Listening Books.

Since then, Peter has carved an impressive career from voicing audiobooks, taking on the finest works of Claire North, Jonas Jonasson, Iain M. Banks, Andrzej Sapkowski to name just a few.

What Does the Course Contain?

This is a complete e-learning experience, which contains video, audio, questions and quizzing, a glossary, references and downloadable resources for you to keep, as well as a certificate of completion should you reach the course requirements. The course can be taken on any internet & sound enabled PC or Mac laptop/desktop or tablet.

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The Course Modules in Full

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2. Introduction
3. Genres
4. Preparation: Reading the Book
5. Preparation: Marking Up
6. Preparation: Casting Characters

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7. Preparation: Research
8. Narrative Voice vs Character Voice
9. Pointing and Misdirecting
10. Studio Setup
11. In the Studio

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12. Delivery
13. Common Problems
14. Recording Multiple Books Back To Back
15. Working with Engineers and Producers

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16. Editing
17. Publishers, Authors and Studios – Building Relationships
18. Reviewers, Bloggers, Awards and Networking
19. Course Summary

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Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for voiceover artists / actors who have had some VO training and would like to forge a career in the audiobooks sector of the voiceover industry. The course will also benefit those who already have some experience in audiobooks but would like to hone their craft and learn new techniques to refine their work.

Difficulty level: Beginner to Intermediate.
Pre-requisite skills: Taking our ‘Voiceover for Beginners’ course is recommended.
Recommended for anyone over 15 years of age.