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Escrow is a secure and simple way to get paid for your voice work.

Escrow acts as a third party that holds onto payments between voice artists and clients, making sure everyone is happy at the end of each job before releasing payment. By downloading this product, you’ll gain access to our Escrow system, which we’ve built to work for voice artists doing voice jobs.

Every time you go to fulfil a voice job contract, all you need to do is enter in the details of the job and share it with your client. Escrow will do the rest, to make sure that your payment is protected while you complete the job, to ensure that you get paid your rightful fee once the contract is completed.

This is how it works in 5 simple steps:

1. You (the voice artist) agree payment/job terms with your hiring client, and you create the Escrow Job (called the ‘Transpact’).

2. The hiring client accepts the Transpact and pays the fee (in advance) into the Escrow service.

3. You complete the work, return the deliverables to the Hirer and notify them.

4. As long as the work fulfils your original job terms, the Hirer releases the fee via the Escrow Platform.

5. If either party highlights a dispute, then it is decided by an agreed referee, who is pre-selected by both parties.

It’s simple and secure and you don’t even need to be a GFTB Member to use it!


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