Career Profile Website




The Career Profile Website acts as your online CV/Resumé for your entire performance history!

It’s as simple as filling in the fields and uploading your reels! Start off by uploading an image of yourself and filling in a few descriptive fields about yourself, your experience, your spoken languages, playing age range and anything else you feel is relevant for selling yourself.

Check out an example! (Click this link)

You’re then able to upload your 6 best demo reels and any video links you have of your work, followed by listing off your credits to date in the various performing arts, such as:

  • Animation
  • Film
  • Gaming
  • Radio
  • Singing
  • Television
  • Theatre

And, of course, a dedicated voiceover section of your credits for the many unique genres:

  • ADR
  • Audiobooks
  • Audio Description
  • Audio Guide
  • Commercial
  • Continuity
  • Corporate
  • Dramatic Work
  • E-Learning
  • ELT
  • IVR & Telephony
  • Narration
  • Promo
  • Radio
  • Voice of God

There’s another section to include any agents that you have globally and a final section to show off all of the training that you’ve received from the GFTB Courses (this is taken automatically from your profile).

There simply isn’t an easier solution to owning your own online CV/Resumé for your creative works that are as simple to keep up to date as the GFTB Career Profile Website!